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After two great weeks in Bali with the family, Luca and I had a very unexpected dramatic and adventurous time in Nepal due to the devastating earthquake. Read about it here

Next we are headed to Malaysia and Thailand before we head further down south to New Zealand, one of the countries on our trip we're most excited about.City-to-Summit 2015 itinerary



SUMATRA (Indonesia)

In between Nepal and New Zealand we are going to spend a short week in the highlands of Sumatra. Hopefully we'll get to see some of the amazing wildlife the island has to offer: Orang Utans, Leaf Monkeys, snakes and some of the world's biggest flowers.


New Zealand (North + South Islands)

This magical country has been on my bucket list for a very, very long time and we can't wait to finally check it out. Even though we will arrive smack in the middle of the Kiwi winter I know we're going to have a sweet time down there. First off we're going to visit some very good friends and then set off to explore the two islands!


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Experiencing a Buddhist Puja




Experiencing a Buddhist Puja

We arrived in Nepal just days after Nepali New Year’s Day (April 14th), marking the beginning of the year 2072 of the Nepali calendar. That also meant that the Shree Mangal Dvip School, which we were visiting, was actually on its annual break and school was not in session. Instead Luca and I were treated […]

Singapore Speed Visit




Singapore Speed Visit

The first proper stop on the Stiphout World Tour is Bali but on our way east we got to enjoy an 18-hour layover in Singapore. Singapore wasn’t a place I had chosen to stop but the complicated flight bookings sent us there and I am glad we did. After a late arrival we visited my […]


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Infos über unsere 2012 "by fair means" Mini-Expedition auf die Zugspitze.


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