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After a very unexpected dramatic and adventurous month in Nepal due to the devastating earthquake (read about it here) we spent a few days enjoying the tropical heat of Malaysia and Thailand before heading further south.

Currently we are exploring the winter wonderland of New Zealand, one of the most beautiful places we have ever had the chance to lay eyes upon! Cruising around the islands in a camper van, in style!City-to-Summit 2015 itinerary



New Zealand (North + South Islands)

This magical country has been on my bucket list for a very, very long time and we can't wait to finally check it out. Even though we will arrive smack in the middle of the Kiwi winter I know we're going to have a sweet time down there. First off we're going to visit some very good friends and then set off to explore the two islands!


Costa Rica (Central America)

After a month spent shivering in the winter of the Southern Hemisphere we will once again be able to sweat a lot and wear nothing but shorts and flip-flops while we check out the natural wonders of Costa Rica!


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